Airtel wants to lend you a data Bundle


Airtel Uganda has improved its BeeraKo / Malako service to allow users acquire data on loan. Previously BeeraKo allowed users to borrow airtime which is credited onto the bonus account and can’t bee used to buy a data bundle. Beerako is paid back using airtime inclusive of a service charge.

Airtel now lets its subscribers on both the 070 and 075 prefixes to actually purchase a data bundle on credit and its paid back when you load a new data bundle buy dailing *143#.

The Data bundle advances you can apply for include 25, 50, 100MB , sorry Data hogs like me who use a more data in a day won’t be catered for, besides you must have loaded at least a particular amount of airtime or data in the past 30 days.

A screenshot showing the series of messages you reciece when interacting with Beerako (Data debt) feature

Airtel also has an auto advance feature where they lend you data automatically by dailing *143*1#. Here you will automatically get data bundles after a specific period of time.
The beauty this time is you get the exact amount of Data and you are charged the normal charge when paying back your data advance when you load airtime.

This will come in handy when your data runs out in the wee hours of the night when you are chatting with someone. However paying back debt is not a process many people enjoy, so only borrow when its necessary.