VLC beta Metro UI App launches on windows 8


The popular open source media player that has been a desktop software over the years and has been known for its wide range of video and audio playback support has finally arrived on the windows 8 platform, you can now use the app in the metro style of windows 8 alongside other windows 8 apps without going to the desktop.

After a successfully raising £50,000 ($78,136 USD) on Kickstarter , a beta version was released for users with a Windows 8 -powered PC, laptop or tablet with an x86 or x64 processor. Being in beta the windows RT version still has issues and many users complained that the player is not working on the Microsoft Surface 2.

VLC beta for Windows 8 will play all supported formats it had in its desktop version like MPEG-1, H.265, WMV3, MKV, Ogg, MOV, and many other since it has had a reputation to play almost anything.

So if you were a fan of the modern UI in windows 8, then you have got an alternative player you can use, its clean of course and despite a few technical issues like limited support for subtitles and RT devices plus its generally slower than the desktop version.

We only have to wait until the app leaves the ‘beta’ stage to enjoy its full power, lets hope it doesn’t take as long as the Android app which is still in beta up to now.

Download VLC beta for Windows 8 from here.