Twitter is back after about an hour of downtime!


Today, Twitter had a lot of downtime and the service was not available for most users both on the Web and on mobile clients even Tweet Deck.

Twitter is now back and is accessible on both mobile and desktop clients after outage for about an hour.

The twitter website first displayed a message saying “something went wrong”¬† late on the website was accessible periodically and would later on go down showing an error page.

Users who had access to the service, experienced slow page load speeds and website availability websites like showed the twitter as down in most locations and later on showed that their was slow API connectivity.

Twitter later confirmed this downtime and made a minor update to its blog confirming that they were working to fix the problem.

This definitely not good for the social network which has long stabilized from its early days when downtime was more common.

Twitter is not the only big internet service to have had major downtime after a previous WhatsApp outage.

Let us know what you think of such downtime for major internet services.