Proton Launches Proton Docs as a Secure Alternative to Google Drive and Docs


Swiss privacy company Proton has launched Proton Docs, positioning it as a “secure alternative to Google Drive and Docs.” Proton Docs offers end-to-end encrypted (E2E) document creation, editing, and collaboration, seamlessly integrated with Proton’s cloud storage product, Drive.

With the implementation of E2E encryption, not even Proton can access your document content or metadata, including file names. User data is stored on Swiss servers, protected by stringent Swiss privacy laws.

Following Proton’s acquisition of the encrypted notes app Standard Notes, Proton Docs integrates many popular features such as full support for markdown and rich text, code blocks, and checklists. Here are the highlights from Proton’s press release:

Rich Text Editing: Create and edit documents with advanced formatting options for professional and polished outputs.

File Compatibility: Easily open and edit documents in multiple formats, including Microsoft .docx, ensuring seamless integration and continuous privacy protection.

Comments and Collaboration: Add comments, reply to comments, and resolve them efficiently, fostering a collaborative environment.

Invite Collaborators: Easily invite anyone to collaborate on your documents. Participants without a Proton account will be prompted to create a free one, ensuring a secure environment for all.

Embed Images: Enhance your documents by embedding images, providing visual context without compromising on speed.

Collaborative Cursors and Presence: See who else is viewing the document in real-time with collaborative cursors, making teamwork more intuitive.

Drawing on its privacy-focused stance, Proton asserts that every document, keystroke, and even cursor movement is end-to-end encrypted in real-time. “Unlike Google Docs, Proton’s commitment to never harvesting user data for any purpose means information remains strictly private,” the company promises.

Currently available as a web application, Proton Docs will eventually be offered as a dedicated app across various platforms. Alongside Docs, Proton Drive includes a calendar, file storage, a password manager, and more.

Proton Docs requires a free Proton Drive account. The feature is rolling out starting today and will be available to all users over the next couple of days.