Two million users form the biggest web “hunt” for missing plane


You must have heard about Malaysia Airlines’ Boeing 777 plane that disappeared with 239 passengers on board and crew. The plane which went off radar along its route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur has been a trending story on the internet and media.

DigitalGlobe a US based earth-imaging company which provides data from a number of its satellites,  has taken its search for the plane to another level by crowd sourcing users on the internet to search through imagery that was captured by satellite 400 miles above the sea.


DigitalGlobe provided a large amount of imagery for the area of the Gulf of Thailand and South China city where the plane is presumed to have gone down to a large number of crowd sourced web users.

Through its specially designed website, the service has attracted more than 2 million users to look through the digitally captured images. Yesterday users had tagged about 650,000 objects over thousands of square miles.

We will continue to collect imagery of the search area and adapt our collection plans as new information becomes available – DigitalGlobe

Unfortunately, the web search alongside, 39 planes, 42 ships and more resources has not found anything helpful in relation to Flight MH370.

You can join the search here

Source: DigitalTrends