Google Drive slashes prices tremendously! 1 TB now costs $9.99


The cloud storage service from Google has seen a tremendous price drop in a bid to make cloud storage cheaper and definitely trash competition.

As Microsoft was busy rebranding and asking consumers to switch to OneDrive after SkyDrive rebranded, Google has suddenly decided to pull its scissors on the Prices for its premium packages on Google Drive.

Just in case the 15gb free storage is not enough, Google will let you buy more space in packages of $1.99 for 100GB and a terabyte at $9.9 which is down from a hefty $49.9. The storage space hungry can also buy 10TB for $99.9,

Business users and premium users of Google drive are definitely having a wide smile on their faces and this might attach a switch from rival cloud storage providers like OneDrive, Drop box whose prices are rocket high once compared to Google Drive’s new prices.  Just in case you want to do the math,  you will get 1 TB at the price which Dropbox offers 100GB.