Outbox Hub wants to train your kid into a future Computer programmer!


Outbox Hub, an incubation Hub for Developers in Uganda is promoting a children’s Programming program called Kids Computer Program (KCP) where they intend to equip very young minds with basic programing skills.

They will be using an MIT based co-curriculum called “Scratch” which teaches early programmers basic programming based on user friendly concepts like events, conditions, sequences, conditions, loops in short the what’s , when’s, and how’s of basic programming.

Well there is an even bigger catch! At the of program the young proggramer will gain the pride of having made a game they themselves besides acquiring life skills like collaboration, team sharing, and others that may not be programming oriented that are necessary.

Your child doesn’t have to be ‘Albert Einstein’ to join the program because any child aged 7 and up can be enrolled in the program. Its as easy as knowing how to read, write and maybe how to play with a mouse.

Outbox has put up the program during a time which won’t clash with the child’s study hours. The Computer Kid’s Program will take place Saturday mornings between 10am and 12pm from 19th April – 10th May 2014.

Such programs aid the mental growth of children and enable them become productive, creative and give a firm ground for future programmers. The earlier they get involved in programming the better besides you wouldn’t want regrets in the future for having stated late.

You can enroll them on the Outbox Website. This program will set you back $200 per child.