Desktop, chrome and Mac OS X Telegram apps that will make you switch!


Telegram the open source messaging app that rivals WhatsApp has decided rival other apps through is diversity of platform by opening up its app to support almost all platforms. Since its open source and has got more royalty from developers after whatsapp had many issues like downtime and rumours of insecurity after it was bought by Facebook.

Telegram which was official on Android and iOS only has been taken to more platforms than you can imagine thanks to third party developers.
Telegram might have taken a Twitter approach where their are multiple clients that do the same thing in a different way. Choice is the power of open source.
Follow you Telegram chats with any of these awesome 3rd party apps.

Telegram for Desktop

telegram desktop

The Windows Desktop app is well designed with a clean and modern Use interface in a typical windows desktop environment. After logging you get realtime notifications from the system tray when you get a new message, with a preview showing the profile picture and message, and just in case you have the app on the taskbar, the icon will get an notification count showing the number of messages. This app was the best designed and much as the website claims it’s in beta, I found no bugs while testing it with Joel writer. Since Telegram syncs, you can get you messages on any client or device after logging in and you can log out from the app.

Telegram for Mac OS X

telegram for macos

Telegram has about 2 apps for Mac OS X that will let you receive you messages from in realtime if you don’t belond to Bill Gates’ side of technology.

Lets say you started the conversation from your phone and the battery run out, you can login to Telegram on your personal PC or Mac and if you were traveling you can access it through the browser version (webogram

Webogram (Telegram in a browser)

telegram web
Webogram is the browser based Telegram client where you can login into any browser, (I dont know about how well it works in IE) and a security code is sent to your phone which you use to authorize you login and then you get a bootstrap-like interface with all your chats.

Telegram Chrome Extension

telegram on chrome

Telegram is similar to the Webogram (browser based Telegram) except that you get notifications for new messages from the app which shows up on the chrome app launcher. This client is ideal for those who use chrome a lot and don’t want to switch softwares.

Telegram also has several unofficial versions for windows phone users like Migram which means the application is cross platform and if you are a busy telegrammer, you can send a telegram from just about any platform.

Telegram for Linux (Command line)

Well if you want to appear like the mad scientists in the movies or want to experience chating in a virtual machine or through the shell of Linux then you download the command line version of the app.

I must remind you that some of these apps are in beta and are developed by third party developers, however the catch is you get to keep the conversation on almost all platforms and we must appreciate Telegram for featuring links to these unofficial apps on its website.

Well if you are worried, fell free to logout or terminate all connections using the official app on your android device or iPhone.
Let us know if you are willing to switch from other chat apps to Telegram.

Well big up to the developers of these apps