CarPlay: Apple just launched iOS7, siri & more on your car dashboard


Apple today launched its new service called “CarPlay”  as it previously rumored to launch this week as iOS in the car.

CarPlay let’s you use CarPlay Siri voice control for driving scenarios and CarPlay lets you use your car’s controls, knobs, buttons, and if the car maker included a touchscreen you will be able to use it. Some cars will let you activate Siri by using a button on your steeeing wheel.

Apple brags thay they have specially made for the car and they won’t distract you and you will keep your eyes where they should be.
That should be true considering your texts will be read out loud for you and you can dictate texts, recieve calls and get turn by turn directions from Apple Maps without touching your iPhone.

The Best iPhone experience on four wheels – Apple

Don’t expect this in your Vitz though, CarPlay will be available to Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo for now and it will soon be available in cars by Nissan, Jaguar, General Motors, Peugeot , and BMW soon.
More to that, CarPlay comes as an iOS 7 update which unfortunately only supports iPhones with lightning connectivity such as the 5, 5S and 5C for now.

Besides a Siri button that lets you interact with your car and iPhone, Apple has added support for some apps like Beats Radio, Spotify, iHeartBeat, Stiticher and Podcasts.

There you have it, iOS in the car. We’ll have to wait to see how it rivals Google’s projected.

Source: Apple