WTF, Airtel just launched a social bundle for WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook at a less cost


Last year Airtel teased us with banners asking us wether we would love free access to WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. This caused a bit of excitement on social networks, and some of us were in doubt considering internet bundles had been hiked.

However, slowly over the weekend Airtel introduced a new Internet bundle called WTF Social pack.
This bundle lets you use 100mb in  WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook apps and Facebook and Twitter in your browser at 500/-.

Considering these are the probably the most used apps and an 100mb data bundle goes for 2,000/-.

This is definitely a bargain though we shall beg for more

Too bad customers will want more and would prefer unlimited access since the rate at which the Android Facebook app consumes data is high and tests we have carried out on data saving browsers like Opera mini could not access Facebook when we loaded the social pack bundle only and only your default browser might work.

How will this help you
Just in case all you do is Facebook, WhatsApp and Tweet you only need pay 500 shillings and in case you want to browse more websites you might load a smaller bundle hence saving.

How to load the bundle?
Dail *175# then select 7 which is ‘WTF social pack’

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