The Makerere University COCIS Open Day kicks off with a lot of Innovation!


The annual IT Open day at Uganda’s arguably best Information Technology School is under away at the College of Computing and Information Sciences Makerere. Makerere COCIS open day is an event where students showcase their IT innovations and solutions to cater for problems in Agriculture, Health, Finance, education, IT itself and a lot more. This is made Possible through a joint venture by Makerere University, UNICEF, US Embassy, Resilient Africa Network, and ACIA.

Exhibitors showcased their apps and physical hardware for the exhibition to share their prototypes and apps to the world. I must say most of the apps weren’t production apps as most were either not on the store or still on “localhost”. The few production application apps were amazing and I must even the prototypes had a lot of potential because they solve real life problems.

I spoke to one of the supporting exhibitors who said events like these connect developers to potential investors and previous years have seen many applications actually gain funding.

Exhibitors also get ‘free’ marketing of their apps at the Open Day because the size of crowds flocking in is really large because fellow students, high school students, business men and investors flocked the crowded tents to catch a glimpse of Innovation and arguably

the closest thing to CES in Uganda.

Apps and solutions showcased were grouped in categories of target markets such as e-Agriculture, e-Mobile, e-Health, e-security, e-trade, e-climate.

You will be able to catch apps like Tech 4 Farmers, Agro-market day, Kika, namawulire, RimaVend and automated vending machine I was impressed by, Tunda Africa, Plerola a web based IT education app, Askari, EasyPark , Online Malaria Manager, Win Senga, Immunization Reminder.


You’ll also be able to interact with the developers and quiz them and get your queries answered.

We have featured apps that we find relevant and have potential. Otherwise feel free drop by College Of Computing and Information sciences in Makerere Today and Tomorrow to see the exhibition.


    • Participation is open for students of the COCIS college of Makerere University. I am not sure of the date for the next event this year but I will surely let you know

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