Google Now Launcher is now available on the PlayStore for Nexus & Stock android phones.


Remember the Google Experience Launcher (GEL) that launched and was only exclusive to the Nexus 5? Google has now launched the launcher (Google Now Launcher) to the PlayStore for other Nexus Devices and Google Play Edition phones that run android 4.4 Kitkat.

The Launcher got an update from the original launcher with a few features such as a “Say Ok Google” button near the microphone that only works when you are on the homescreen.


The Google Now Launcher gives you transparent folder backgrounds and bigger icons on your homescreen reen and most importantly Google Now is a swipe to the Left away.

Since as its not available for many devices, the launcher would have been nice for other devices considering it takes away the clatter that Manufacturers like Samsung, HTC or Huawei add to the pure Android skin. Users would definitely enjoy a better Android and Google Now experience because queries can be made on the home screen.

Users can still sideload the app just as before but now that its in the store updates will come in handy.

Get the Google Now Launcher via the Google Play store
Source: Android Police