Apps from the Makerere COCIS Open Day we loved


There were lots of applications at the COCIS Open Day unfortunately they were too many to list, and these were the app we find worth mentioning. These are the apps were loved and felt that they were relevant to you in no particular order.

This is a diagnosis app for pregnant mothers that can measure the bitrate of pregnant mothers and enhances the functionality of the pinnard horn used in hospitals

Is an automated vending machine that gets you commodities after inserting coins in the denominations of 100, 200, and 500 Ugx.

RimaVend - automated vending machine

The machine will automatically detect the coin inserted and will tell you the balance required to make the full purchase. We had a chance to demo the machine which dropped a PK when we inserted 500 shillings.

This app diagnoses malaria without the use of injections and costly Malaria test and their application uses a Windows phone together with ‘a scanner like’  device where you place your finger and through use of light and template matching returns malaria results.

Tech 4 Farmers
This is a web application that connects farmers by showing the prices of agricultural produce and provides market for their produce

This solution is an intergration of hardware and software and it automatically detects the heat in a chicken or poultry house and will turn off the lights according to the conditions.

You will see the traditional laboratory circuit board with chips and a box as a demo house for now but with some good funding you will get full scale agricultural technology that will make a difference. It also alerts farmers using a modem that sends a message once water for feeding runa out and when the heat of poulty is low.

JustGO Bus service
Much as it’s a prototype and isn’t on the Windows Phone Store, the app lets users register and book for bus tickets using mobile money. The app requires a user to feed in his or her particulars and connect with their mobile money accounts so as to pay for a bus ticket. This would be very helpful in the future.

This is a web based IT education service that tracks your child’s education and will tell you which school the child has been posted to based on your grades, it also tracks performance based on gender.

Sight 4 Ever (E-liiso)
This a health app that diagonises sight and will help you find out where you are color blind, visually impaired through a series of tests similar to those at your opticians clinic. This application is already on the Google Play store and you can test your sight. Phew! Thanks to the developers I know eyes are Ok.

Easy Park
In a busy city with tonnes of taxis, motorcycles, cars and narrow roads you definitely need to find parking. Considering that the number of cars is and will increase, finding parking spots in Kampala will be a little hard and this app helps you find appropriate parking spots in the city

There are lots of applications and IT based solutions, unfortunately we didn’t find any games at the time we made a survey. Now before you blah blah about how solution apps are relevant to Africa remember that Flappy birds used to make $50,000 a day and the most downloaded app made in Uganda is a game ‘Matatu’.