How to make your mobile internet a little faster!


Well there times when the Internet is really slow,  then there are times when it is slower than usual. Then you start cursing how the Telecoms until you realise its your phone’s fault. And partially a problem of the telecoms.

What causes this the internet to suddenly slow down?

Besides your location and the Internet speed of your device or network one small thing has been known to work especially on Airtel (yeah that includes warid) and MTN sometimes works for orange.

Guess what? Your Internet settings:

It seems difficult to believe but your internet setting configuration can slow down your Internet a great deal. This is because telecoms push Internet configurations with preset APN, and proxy addresses that some what cause a limitation to your connection.
Why if everyone uses the same IP address eg.( for connection a bottleneck is created depending on the network so clearing the IP address lets your phone connect through the same server and only through that proxy.

Removing the proxy address will make your phone connect directly to the APN (access point network).APN example (

Am going to share the configuration details for Every network and you will see how fast it gets.

Warid, sorry Airtel users will testify how this increases the speed and at times enables them connect when everyone else is not connecting.

Step 1;
Create a new Access Point,
You can delete the default one sent by airtel or mtn. Note the difference  in the configuration am giving you.

Step 2 (Quit the blah, easy step)
enter these Settings in the New APN (Access Point Name) ,

Profile Name : All
APN : internet
Proxy :            **Leave this Blank**
Proxy Port :    8080
Session mode: **Leave it Blank**
Username :   **Leave this Blank**
Password :    **Leave this Blank**

Step 3;
Activate the access point and make it default, give it time to  reconnect and notice the difference.
This works on almost all cellular networks , a few cases where it refuses on Orange change the APN to ‘‘  and make sure their is no IP address in the proxy slot.

Step 4; A little House warming
On Android devices Networks like Warid, airtel, MTN and Orange will keep sending their Access Points and your phone might select them by default. Please reselect the Internet setting back to the one we created (All) and delete the default one.

Notice the difference?
This has been known to work on Modems too.  Remember to repeat the process when you notice it’s slow again the Access points might have changed.
Remember you can also use these as your internet settings.
Feel free to let me know in the? comments if it worked for you?