SkyDrive officially becomes OneDrive


Microsoft teased us with a video introducing One Drive, today Microsoft made the move official and has rebranded its cloud storage to OneDrive.

Visiting the website redirects you to and the branding jas changed and you only need a live account to sign in or sign up and get 7Gb of free space plus upto additional 5gb memory of space if you invite your friend since each invite gets you 500mb of storage.

Microsoft is also giving 100,000 users 100gb on a twitter promotion. For business and those who need extra storage, be ready to part with 50GB for $25 a year, 100GB for $50 a year, and 200GB for $100.

Why the change?

Microsoft was sued by the British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB) for apparently stealing the name Sky Drive, and this feuding has been on going for close to 6 months now. So, there you have it. The software giant has registered the domain” target=”_blank”> and it is the new name for all the data that is on the former SkyDrive.

What next after SkyDrive?

Nothing much is going to change, (it’s just a name change) but as we all know, Microsoft has promised even better services with Sky …err, OneDrive as complaints about the former SkyDrive not being able to syncronise data very well have cropped up. Below is a mock up video by Microsoft promoting OneDrive

Official Press Release