Sweden-Uganda eHealth/mHealth Meetup showcased Apps that improve healthcare!


Swiss and Ugandan mHealth and eHealth companies came together at Outbox to demo their software and apps to the people in the medical and IT sectors of Uganda together with mHealth and eHealth enthusiasts in Uganda. Several apps and medical software were pitched and here are details on each application

Text to change

Nalweyiso Olivia Mary talked about text to change which is a social enterprise started in  2007  that deals in social management,  database collection through use of SMS to allow their partners reach their target audience. Tect to change collects information using Mobile phones. Besides mHealth they also use SMS for the services like mEducation to manage and communicate in the  education sector, mEnvironment. They have run campaigns with over 66 partners such as  tobaccocontrol Uganda, lifebouy.

Helseplan Consulting Group 

Provides health care management software,  and offer education and training in the medical sector through offering mandatory patient health safety in Sweden. Helseplan also offers ehealth digital diagnosis of patients.


Wilson talked about Clinic master which is a Ugandan built medical software capable of automating medical record keeping and has a  real time database where a patient’s bio data is entered, a patient can be registered by either a patient number or fingerprint. Clinicmaster enables doctors submit data about every visit a patient makes to the hospital, lab tests made and the prescription given. The software gives the doctor  an alert in case a patient visits and allows a doctor see the patient queue. Its also alerts pharmacies when drugs are out of stock,

DD Innovation – Dr. Maombi

DD Innovation is a medical software company that made an app called Dr.Maombi which is being used in  in Mkuranga, Tanzania. The app provides demand driven health solution. The app provides clinical officers with training. In case a patient has a complicated case, the app submits this data to a web server and doctors provide feedback.

MedCard Apps

MedCard Apps is a medical softwawre company based in Malmo Sweden which develops medical software, that aims to remove paper work from hospitals and clinics so as to improve security and efficiency. The app uses personal plastic microchip cards called Medcards that are used to store patient data and are used every time a patient checks in. The app used a computer, a server, front desk computer, medcards and MedCard readers to  help hospital staff access profiles and records of patients

 The Medical Concierge Group (TMCG)

TMCG has started a 24 hour medical help line that enables patients call doctors and get solutions to their medical problems at standard call rates. TMCG is made up of researchers, pharmacists, mHealth enthusiasts who aim to improve poor quality health services and prevent unnecessary crowdness in hospitals and clinics.