Meet the Samsung Galaxy Round: Samsung curved its screen!


Samsung through its Tomorrow website announced a new sister to the Galaxy line, this time not an ordinary member of the galaxy family, she actually has ‘curves’. The Galaxy Round comes with a 5.7 inch rounded display screen that falls towards the center of the screen and the sides curve in towards the center. The screen is TFT and has a bright super-AMOLED screen. The Round weighs 154g and is 7.9mm thin. The back resembles a leather-stitch inspired finish on the Note 3 and not the usual plastic but relax its Samsung they can make cheap material to appear premium so as to keep the devices light.

You might ask yourself the importance of a curved screen? You will definitely grip the phone better since it comfortably fits in your hand with the bottom back properly fitting in the shape of your palm and the curve means the phone isn’t too wide for you hand to move around the screen, but it will keep the photos and movies appearing bigger.

You might worry that the phone might roll often as you place it on the table, however Samsung has developed a feature out of this. They have created a feature they Call the ‘Roll Effect’ Which lets you check your notifications, date, missed calls, battery and more by simply rolling the phone onto one side, when you roll the Phone back the screen automatically goes off.

lets See a few pictures

It will only take time for people to know whether they love It or think its an S4 that has literally been placed in a microwave. Let us know of what you think. The Galaxy Round is now available in Korea in Luxury Brown, and more colours to be announced.

Image and Video Source: Samsung Tomorrow