MTN Uganda customers to pay More for Data bundles


Just at the time when almost everything ‘tech’  seems to be reducing its price depending on how long the technology has been available, is when MTN decided to increase the prices of data bundles and for the data bundles whose price didn’t go up, the amount of data reduced.

Users will experience roughly 20% more for their internet. I was shocked when i tried loading the usual daily 50mb bundle today with 1000 ugx credit only to be told that i had insufficient credit. It was later on when i checked with the MTN Uganda website that i realised the bundle price had changed to 1200 ugx. Then the 500 ugx daily bundle now gives you 20mb unlike the usual 25mb. Bare it in mind that these are the most popular data bundles especially for mobile devices. Daily data bundles are the ones which have increased however weekly and monthly bundles haven’t changed.

Reasons for the price incremebt haven’t been communicated but customers are definitely going to grumble, because competition has bigger bundles at cheap prices and the general trend of internet costs has been going down. They probably want you to buy bundles with a longer validity period because the cost of these hasn’t changed much.

At Guru8 we believe internet is a necessity and it’s advisable to get access to it in thr most convenient way, and price and speed are the biggest considerations.