Adobe hacked, millions of records and data stolen


In a rather unfortunate series of events, Adobe, one of the leaders in software technology has discovered that there has been malicious activity on their network and guess what, they were right. Illegal activity has been noted on Adobe servers but they have also discovered that millions of records on product purchases and other related data has been stolen. Still not getting it? Still surprised? Well, here is the inside scoop

Millions of records including customer IDs, passwords, credit card and debit card numbers. That is just the beginning of the story. Away from the normal data, also source code of most Adobe products was also stolen and the extent is not known. Adobe has vowed to hunt down the hackers who gained access to their servers. Adobe says that only encypted credit card and debit card numbers were taken so that only means there are some unencypted credit card numbers stored on their servers, so why would a company store unencrypted credit and debit card details?

The source code for Adobe products was also stolen and this puts Adobe in a tight spot because the hackers might use it for malicious purposes or might use it for creating cracked Adobe applications. Adobe is taking measures to curb the situation, so if you have an Adobe account, you might receive an email from Adobe requesting you to reset your password, but, be careful, some people might pose to be Adobe, so cross check the official Adobe email so that you do not land in trouble.