Zuckeberg and others form internet.org to enable global internet usage.


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and other companies like Ericsson, MediaTek, Nokia, Opera, Samsung and Qualcomm made a partnership to form internet.org that has an initiative to make the internet accessible to over 2 billion people about third’s of the world’s population without internet access to be able to get access and utilize the internet. Much as we haven’t been given the clearest of how they plan to do this. The organization announced several goals.

Some of the goals of internet.org include making internet accessible to all, more efficient use of the internet and lending businesses a hand to make internet accessible to all. This will involve working with service providers to make the internet accessible to all at subsidized costs. Facebook says they will reduce data usage on their android app from estimated 12Mb daily to 1Mb to make the internet more efficient as it states in one of the goals of internet.org

Lastly the partnerships also aims at supporting business models by offering incentives to mobile operators, device manufacturers, developers, and other businesses to make internet access cheaper and easier to access.

We think this initiative will help Facebook, grow more users because if the internet is cheaper and more accessible, more people would use the internet and thus use more social networks with Facebook  as number one, remember free Facebook zero on Mtn Uganda and free m.facebook on Orange, this led to increased use of Facebook.

The initiative’s main aim is increased internet access and efficiency and all is clearly explained in the Mark Zuckerberg’s “Is Connectivity A Human Right?” plan