YouTube app for android gets new User Interface and features!


Despite the recent saga of the official Windows Phone YouTube app, being pulled from the store. Google has made improvements to its Android version of the YouTube app. YouTube started rolling out updates to its users with features such as multitasking.

Multitasking, in the sense that you can pause and minimize a playing video as you search for other YouTube videos. The minimized videos are shrunk to thumbnail size with a single tap and the thumbnail shifts to the bottom right corner of the screen. You can close the video by swiping it left or right and to just have to tap the video or swipe it upward to bring it back to life.

This feature gets handy when you are creating a music playlist as the audio stays playing in the background as you search for other videos, we must note that the shrunken video is usually too small to view especially on a phone however the audio plays at a good quality.

You can also search for playlists and chromecast and the chromecast experience has been greatly improved. When you tap the cast button in the app to play a video a pop up with a video thumbnail and description shows up with option for you to add it to a playlist or play the video.

The look has been smoothened up with Card UI that resembles the Google Now app, and as the update rolls out to some Android users and other platforms will receive updates soon.