Twitter Channel returns to IFTTT with Official support


Its been nearly a year since internet service IFTTT (If This Then That) stopped support for twitter due to changes and complications in twitter’s API which limited the way to display tweets, Now the service has been revived and fully supports twitter.

IFTTT is an internet service that literates puts the internet in your pocket by letting you manage about 40 social networks including twitter, with IFTTT you can store your tweets to cloud services such as dropbox, Google drive spreadsheets, it even lets you save favourite links to you Pocket, evernote app and alot more recipes as it calls them. You can connect you social networks, i like a recipe that lets me change my twitter profile photo everytime I change my profile picture on twitter.

The IFTTT also has actions it refers to as Triggers and these can be controlled by tweets for example you can change your twitter profile picture by sending a tweet with an action hashtag.  The developers find this very useful and they claim people might be able to “turn off the lights with IFTTT” through triggers with Belkin’s WeMo devices.

IFTTT’s Head of Business Development Leor Stern says, “it took a while for the company to get the bandwidth to revisit the triggers. Stern, who joined IFTTT earlier this year, says that they’ve been busy building out the platform and soliciting companies for newer, more robust triggers.

IFTTT has relaunched the twitter channel with few triggers and promises to increase as the trigger actions as it continues to work with twitter and listen to feedback from users. IFTTT is trying its level best to revive its twitter channel.