Microsoft tells parents “Google is corrupting your kids!”


Microsoft is back to its ways of trashing its competition while marketing a new service. After the launch of Bing for schools, this is an Ad free service for children under the age of 12 who live in the USA. Microsoft in a new campaign it calls ‘Scroogled’ has released an ad about how dangerous Google’s advertising is to kids and that parents shouldn’t take send their kids to school before they sign them up for Bing for schools because their children might become obsessed with diet supplements or want a mortgage because the Google ads they see on a school computer are just like the ads their see on any public computer. Hmm! we all know or at least most of us know that Google Adsense uses keywords and Microsoft could be playing dirty!

In this new ad, Microsoft is quoted to say, “This is a message to Parents, Please don’t let your children resume school. At least, not until those venal principals have stopped allowing your children’s minds to be warped like plastic in the Sahara.

Did you know that your children are being pushed to get a mortgage? Did you know they’re being encouraged to get a free credit report? Those sweet innocent minds are even being teased into buying supplements.”

In the Ad the adults are wondering what this child might become because the child is being forced to use Google search in school and therefore seeing ridiculous ads.

 Microsoft goes ahead to say, “The corruption is palpable, she’s studying the history of Mesopotamia, where civilization reigned, before it was corrupted by ignorant from the west. Now here is Google corrupting young minds with issues far beyond their scope.”

Then Microsoft goes ahead to talk about their product in just like they always do in their commercials,

“How can any corporation justify peddling these ads to the impressionable who will soon be the guinea pigs of the robot era? Help is at hand. There is Bing for Schools. Its ad free!. And it knows lots about Mesopotamia too.”  

Microsoft then does the math on one of its Scroogled websites to tell us that Parents need to address this issue before children become ‘obsessed mortgage rates, credit reports and ingesting vitamins.

Now the questions remains, Do you find Microsoft justifiable for such a type of ad, Well Yes and No, if you follow what you always see on TV especially commercials you are most likely to side with Microsoft however when you realize you don’t live in the USA you just can use Bing for schools, For those who enjoy the re-known Google knowledge, and have information about how they use keywords you might ignore the Microsoft Talk.

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