Windows 8.1 quietly gets released to manufacturers!


Microsoft’s new Os Windows 8.1 which we had previously reviewed is said to have rolled out to manufacturers following a tweet from Paul Thurrott the windows supersite editor on 23 August saying that the final RTM build number is 9600.16384.130821-1623.

This defers from Microsoft’s original plan to roll out at least after August, and this also explains why new Lenovo computers rolled out with a start button on their windows 8 PCs. Could Microsoft have not announced that Windows 8.1 had RTM’d because of fear that the news could have been overshadowed by CEO Steve Ballmer’s retirement.

However it is not guaranteed whether the final bits of RTM would be rolled out to everyone yet, we have to wait Microsoft’s decision. However it’s most likely that everyone would be able to get the official released Windows 8.1 only after 18th October which is the official release date.

Source: CNET


  1. “… because of fear that the news could have feared that the news would be overshadowed …”

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