Facebook adds shared photo albums! Prepare to collaborate photos


Remember how, you go to a party or place with your friends and they all take photos with their camera’s or smartphones and you want to share them on Facebook? Then each one had to upload the photos they had taken to individual albums. Now the feature that Google + users have been enjoying which is called party mode where users can contribute photos for an event or party to the same album, has somewhat been modified and adopted by the Facebook team.

You can now make a single album and have contributors, these may be your friends, colleagues name it, so that when you go for that hiking trip or beach party you can share your photos in one album. The number of contributors is limited to 50 and each contributor can share up to 200 photos within the album. You might wonder how they came up with the idea? It came out of a hackathon and Bob Baldwin and Fred Zhao are the creators/ developers.

With Facebook, privacy is catered for, in this case only the creator of the album has the rights to change the privacy setting from either friends of contributors, public or contributors only.

Baldwin told Mashable: “Right now, if you were at a party and there were three different albums created, you might not be able to see all of the photos, which is kind of confusing and frustrating.

I think one thing that’s really fun about creating products at Facebook is that you’re never quite sure how people will use the product in the end. We’re really excited for launch because we think people will use (shared photo albums) in ways that we’re not even thinking of.”

This feature is in it early stages of development and has been realized to only a few users and mobile support will be coming soon. By the way if you want to always be among the first testers of Facebook features always set your English to English (US) and join Facebook developer groups.