Facebook finally wins lawsuit on Sponsored stories!


Facebook finally wins lawsuit on Sponsored stories!
Facebook has finally put an end to a legal battle in regards to lawsuit on “Sponsored Stories” in the US. This was after district judge Richard Seeborg approved the suit’s $20 million settlement on Monday.
Judge Seeborg was went ahead to say, “While not incorporating all features that some of the objectors might prefer, the settlement has significant value,” in his order on Monday.
This lawsuit was against Facebook’s advertising that the plaintiffs claim violates user’s privacy by publicizing likes of users in advertisement without asking them for permission or giving them a share of the revenue in form of compensation. The legal complaint was filed in 2011 when facebook used user’s names, profile picture and a statement saying the user likes a particular Advert.
This legal battle hasn’t been the shortest, in May 2012 Facebook made a settlement which Judge Seeborg refused then in October the same year Facebook brought a new settlement offer where they agreed to pay $20 million in compensation to the plaintiffs and agreed to start user controls and the offer was preliminary call it ‘partially’ approved.
However the plaintiffs and children’s advocacy groups opposed the offer because it wasn’t enough to protect Facebook’s underage users and wanted an +opt- in feature.
Finally, Facebook’s preliminary approval was fully passed on Monday by Judge Richard Seeborg.

Source: Reuters