NFC: Do Ugandans really need it?


Well, before I get into this rather deep discussion, let me take this opportunity to clear the air about NFC. Well, NFC is short for Near Field Communication, that fancy technology used on most Android phones that lets you transfer files instantly by simply bumping two phones. It is cool, fancy and also makes life a little easier especially for shoppers who often use it for payments at the counter and also for club bangers that want to show their iPhone counteparts what they are probably missing, well, keeping all other ‘Air Drop’ factors constant.

NFC Logo

So, having gotten a clue about this new technology, I drop the big question, do Ugandans really need it? The Galaxy S4 and other “next big things” have all hit the Ugandan markets with new jaw dropping features that can leave anyone wondering how these guys pulled it off. I mean, whoever thought of NFC must be having brains from Mars because this technology has taken smartphone addiction to a whole new level especially in Uganda because I have seen it myself and so I am not talking out of hear say. One might argue it out that we need it because of the new shopping malls that are coming in, shout outs to Freedom City and others like MetroPlex for the good work well done

NFC makes sharing fun and easy because gone are the days of slow bluetooth and infrared, yes, I know of some people who still use infrared. NFC changes everything by simply holding your phone closer to another NFC enabled and voila, there you go! NFC also simplifies shopping (well for some countries) using the same technique. So, after a quick run through of this amazing technology, do Ugandans need it?