NIRA Extends National ID Renewal Exercise to July


The Executive Director of the National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA), Rosemary Kisembo, has announced that the mass enrolment and renewal of national identity cards, initially set to begin on June 1, has been postponed to July. The exact date for the commencement of the exercise is yet to be confirmed.

“Due to unforeseen delays in the procurement process, the exercise did not take off as planned,” Kisembo stated. “However, we anticipate that by the end of July 2024, the renewal exercise will commence.”

Kisembo emphasized that the government is taking all necessary steps to ensure that national ID renewals are completed before the 2026 general elections. “Aware of the Electoral Roadmap and the expiry of some cards beginning August 2024, the Government is taking all necessary measures to ensure that the delays do not affect service delivery and the roadmap,” she said, adding that consultations are currently underway.

She further explained, “In consultation with the Attorney General’s Chambers, measures are being put in place to ensure that the public suffers no disadvantage because of the delays.”

The initial National ID registration process began in 2014. “In 2014, a similar exercise was successfully carried out in a period of four months. Therefore, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Identification and Registration Authority would like to assure the public that the Government will deliver this exercise successfully within the stipulated timelines,” Kisembo assured.

Kisembo also mentioned that NIRA will continuously update the public on the progress of the renewal exercise.