Apple iOS 18 Enhances iPhone Battery Management and Health


Apple’s latest iOS 18 update, launched earlier this week as a developer beta, introduces several new features aimed at improving your iPhone’s battery management and health. Here’s how these enhancements can help you get the most out of your iPhone’s battery.

Detailed Battery Insights

One of the notable additions in iOS 18 is the enhanced battery overview. By navigating to Settings > Battery on your iPhone, you can now see a more detailed charging graph. Parts of the graph may appear orange, indicating that your phone was being charged using a slow charger. This feature helps users identify and manage their charging habits more effectively.

Additionally, when your iPhone is plugged into a slow charger, you might receive a notice on the screen. This notice should provide more information about the charger, although in the current developer beta, this feature seems to be inconsistent. Reports suggest that the notice includes a button for more information, but it currently leads to a non-existent support document.

Customizable Charging Limits

iOS 18 offers more granular control over charging limits, allowing users to set a charging cap to preserve battery health. You can access this feature by going to Settings > Battery > Charging. Previously, users could only set an 80 percent limit, but iOS 18 introduces the ability to set the charging limit anywhere from 80 percent to 100 percent in five percent increments. This flexibility helps in maintaining battery health by preventing overcharging.


With these new features, iOS 18 not only gives users a better understanding of their iPhone’s battery usage and charging habits but also provides more options to optimize battery health for the long term. As Apple continues to roll out updates and refine these features, iPhone users can expect even more efficient battery management.