Threads by Meta Introduces Long-Awaited Web Access


Meta’s alternative to Twitter, Threads, is responding to user demands with the introduction of a highly anticipated feature – web access. This new development allows the Threads social network to be accessed via both desktop and mobile devices through any standard web browser.

Since its initial launch in July, Threads has been confined to mobile devices exclusively through dedicated applications. The initial version of Threads was quite basic, prompting Meta to consistently add new functionalities to align the platform more closely with Twitter’s capabilities.

The rollout of Threads’ web access commenced on Tuesday and has since expanded significantly, becoming widely accessible as of this morning. The absence of web access could explain the decline in Threads’ user base, which initially reached over 100 million users during its launch week.

Despite now offering web access and a chronological timeline that displays content solely from accounts you follow, Threads still lacks essential features like lists and direct messaging. For those interested, Threads can be accessed on desktop or web by visiting