Golola Moses and My Doctor Partner to Revolutionize Healthcare in Uganda


My Doctor, a leading telemedicine service provider in Uganda, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Golola Moses, an esteemed kickboxer and national icon. This strategic collaboration aims to bring about a transformative change in healthcare delivery and awareness throughout the country, while also promoting public health initiatives. By joining forces, My Doctor and Golola Moses aspire to extend healthcare services to over 100,000 users, with a particular focus on underserved communities and addressing the healthcare needs of women.

The primary objective of this dynamic partnership is to enhance maternal and child health. Leveraging their expertise in telemedicine, My Doctor and Golola Moses will work in unison to provide comprehensive antenatal, pediatric, labor, and safe childbirth programs. Capitalizing on Golola Moses’ influential status as a national icon, the collaboration seeks to establish a deeper connection and trust with the community, ensuring that expectant mothers receive the necessary care and support they deserve.

Beyond maternal and child health, this partnership also aims to empower women and youth by equipping them with essential knowledge and tools to improve their overall well-being. By promoting self-care and health awareness, My Doctor and Golola Moses envision a positive impact that extends beyond the present generation, benefiting future ones as well. Through fostering healthier outcomes, the collaborative efforts aim to create a ripple effect that contributes to a cycle of well-being and prosperity within Ugandan communities.

Recognizing the significance of healthcare education and training, the partnership between My Doctor and Golola Moses will also focus on enhancing the skills of healthcare providers. Through targeted programs and initiatives, the collaboration aims to enrich healthcare provision across the board, ensuring that quality care is accessible to all Ugandans. By equipping healthcare professionals with the necessary expertise and knowledge, this partnership seeks to improve healthcare outcomes and raise the overall standard of healthcare delivery in the country.

One of the primary goals of this collaboration is to break down barriers and promote accessibility to healthcare services. Leveraging Golola Moses’ esteemed status and influential presence, the partnership aims to reach underserved communities and bring quality healthcare to their doorstep. Furthermore, the collaboration seeks to address the issue of healthcare affordability, ultimately reducing healthcare costs for many Ugandans. By increasing accessibility and affordability, this partnership endeavors to enhance workforce productivity and contribute to a healthier, more prosperous Uganda.

Reflecting on the significance of the collaboration, Sharon Nambozo, Business Development Officer at My Doctor, emphasized its transformative potential, stating, “Our partnership with Golola Moses isn’t just a collaboration, it’s a revolution. It’s about transforming healthcare in Uganda, reaching the unreached, and inspiring a healthier future. We’re leveraging the influential presence of a national icon to drive a change that we hope will be felt in every corner of our country.”

As the groundbreaking partnership between My Doctor and Golola Moses takes shape, it holds the promise of breaking new ground in the healthcare sector in Uganda. The combined expertise and influential presence of these entities create a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact on the lives of thousands of individuals. With a shared vision for a healthier Uganda, My Doctor and Golola Moses are determined to transform healthcare delivery, raise awareness, and empower communities. Together, they aim to ensure that every Ugandan has access to the healthcare they need, when and where they need it.