The 666 in roulette


Did you know that the numbers in the game sum up to exactly 666, known as the devil’s number? So don’t panic, and don’t close this page thinking you’re sinning. 

We’re going to show you that you can use it as a strategy to improve your chances of winning at roulette.

Also, we offer you other systems to bet on roulette and reduce the house edge. Each of those tactics you may try on the best sites. To select the best, use the expert view like this page:

The roulette wheel: 666 in roulette history

As we know it today, you may know that roulette was invented by Pascal in the 17th century. But, before that, people from different cultures already knew several prototypes of basic games with a wheel.

The French scientist designed the wheel with 36 numbers by determining the position of each number by applying strict mathematical considerations. 

However, the numbers 1 to 36 added to precisely 666 did not go unnoticed by superstitious gamblers. Nevertheless,  the fear of the number 666 has faded. Today the roulette is one of the favourites, and there is even a wide variety of online roulette sites.

Why do roulette numbers add up to the number?

Like other superstitions that casino gamblers believe in, the fear of the number 666 makes many people feel anxious. They even avoid playing roulette, believing that the coincidence with the devil’s number will make them addicted or ruined.

However, we are more inclined to believe the arguments presented by science. First, let’s remember that Pascal placed the numbers following specific mathematical rules. Humanity knew that long before the emergence of Christianity, fearing the 666.

666 strategy in roulette and other betting systems

Players are constantly looking for betting systems to improve the odds and reduce the house edge.

With the 666 strategies, you don’t have to do the odds calculations needed in some blackjack strategies.

Generally speaking, you should use different bets to cover as many numbers as possible. I.e., wager on red or black and then use other stakes to cover all but 4 numbers. This strategy is applicable in land-based and online casinos.

At first glance, it may seem that your chances of winning are significantly increased by covering almost the entire table. This is not entirely true, because the ball only lands on one number. So you may only get back a part of the amount you bet.

It’s also possible that the winning number could be among the four you left uncovered, and if you’re superstitious, you might blame the devil.

Roulette betting strategies

So, we provide other strategies that may be helpful:

  1. Progressive Labouchere, with the possibility of adjusting risk on even bets. There is no balance between winnings and losses.
  2. Progressive Martingale, with high risk on outside bets. There is no balance between profit and loss.
  3. Progressive Reverse Martingale, with high risk on outside bets. There is no balance between profit and loss.
  4. D’Alembert System Progressive, with low risk on outside bets. There is no profit/loss trade-off.
  5. Fibonacci Progressive, with low risk on outside bets. There is no profit/loss trade-off.
  6. James Bond roulette strategy – non-progressive, with low risk and small winnings.

We will never know if there is a link between the number 666 and the devil. But what is certain is that superstitious people will continue to look for such associations in anything that seems suspicious and makes them anxious about the possibility of meeting Lucifer. 

If roulette seems too risky to play, there are plenty of other games of chance offered at slot or blackjack sites.