The most promising football stars: who to bet on?

The most promising football stars: who to bet on?


Every bettor has an idea of ​​how to organize an effective sports betting process. Football looks like an ideal choice for a beginner since this sport is widely covered on the Internet, which allows you to easily choose an interesting championship and determine the likely winner of the match. You can bet both on the team and the individual statistics of the players. The last beta option is especially interesting, as it allows you to use large quotes even if we are talking about the favorite of the entire tournament. If we talk about the football stars who are on everyone’s lips, then among the new generation of players they will be Leroy Sane, Kylian Mbappé and many others, since they are players of top teams. But there are also a few young talents who are just gaining popularity among fans. Most often, they represent clubs of average popularity, so it will be more profitable to bet on them in terms of the number of dividends.

Which football players should a bettor pay attention to?

You can learn how to bet on football online from the presented material. The article will be useful for beginners who are just discovering the amazing world of sports betting, as well as for more experienced bettors who can find some interesting notes and use them in their practice. You can get an impression of the footballers who will represent the future of the European Football League by looking at players under the age of 22. Among them, the most promising are:

  • Ryan Sessegnon;
  • Nikola Milenkovic;
  • Ruben Neves;
  • Maxi Gomez.

Ryan Sessegnon represents Fulham in the English League. He plays as a midfielder. For many, it remains incredible that a player at the age of 17 became the leader of a team that plays in the Premier League. Today he is the first player in the league to be born in 2000 and has already scored a goal. Ryan has a great future in football, so his team has a lot of work to do to keep the young man in its squad.

Nikola Milenkovic plays for Fiorentina at the center guard. He turned 21, which does not prevent the young man from demonstrating an outstanding game on the football field. According to sports tabloids, Manchester United is already ready to pay 60 million pounds for the star. Fans of the club are still wondering who this footballer plays, about whom only a few people in the Premier League know. This is not surprising, since he is now defending the colors of Fiorentina, who managed to lure the player away from Partizan from Serbia. In addition to Manchester United, Milenkovic is also interested in Juventus.

Studying the statistics of players who are under 22 years old, it is impossible not to notice the excellent results shown by Maxi Gomez. He acts as a central attacker in FC Celta, where he has been playing for the past 4 years. Before that, Gomez defended the colors of Defensor from Uruguay and practically nothing was known about him. Celta did a great deal as she got the power forward for just $ 4 million. Given the young age and good performance of the player, this contact was fully justified, which Gomez proved already in his first season with the Celts. Gomez and Aspas have formed a powerful bond that allows the team to smash opponents. Last season alone, the player scored 18 goals and 5 assists. Such results have led to the fact that not only Atlético is in talks with Celta right now, but also the famous Barcelona, ​​which wants to get such a striker in its composition.