Facebook Apps to retain names despite Parent Company rebranding to Meta

The Facebook app will still be called Facebook

Facebook rebrands as Meta. Courtesy Facebook/via REUTERS

Facebook has announced plans that it is changing its parent Company name to Meta, in what the company’s founder Mark Zuckerberg has called “the next chapter for our company”. 

Amidst the parent company rebranding to Meta, some users have taken to social media platforms to make memes and discuss how it will be difficult for people to get used to the name Meta.

This isn’t the case as the Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp apps will maintain their names. 

You shouldn’t worry about your older family members asking you for ‘tech support’ as their will retain the familiar names they have always possessed.

What has changed?

The company name Facebook Inc has changed to Meta.

Meta will start trading under the new stock ticker MVRS, on December 1,2021. This will replace the old ticker which was FB.

One of the changes that we speculate to see, will be a change on the splash screens on Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook mobile apps that might have the reading “from Meta” rather than the current branding which shows “from Facebook”.

So don’t worry, the app you are used to will still be called Facebook and remain under the domain Facebook.com.

The arrangement will be similar to when Google changed its parent company to Alphabet.