YouTube will run ads on smaller creators’ videos without paying them

Youtube will serve ads even on videos that are not part of the Partner Program.


YouTube has changed its Terms of Service and one of the shocking new changes is Youtube’s right to monetize videos from channels not big enough to be part of its Partner Program. You are definitely going to start seeing ads on videos made by smaller YouTube creators.

Youtube has gone to further clarify that new creators won’t start earning from their videos right away. The Terms of Service still state that non-Youtube Partner Program (YPP) members won’t be getting a cut from those ads.

Previously, YouTube used to only run ads on videos by YPP members. For one to become eligible for the YouTube Partner Program, a creator has to be living in a country where it’s active, has to have 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months and has to have over 1,000 subscribers.

This has not sat well with many people online who believe YouTube will be ‘using’ young creators and making money of their had sweat without offering a cut.

This also brings the possibility of competitors advertising in their competitors videos. Say for example your brand has not turned on YPP because you want you viewers to experience ad free videos without interruption. With the new ToS, YouTube can forcefully run ads on your videos.

YouTube however states that it will only roll out ads on videos is believes follow its ad-friendly guidelines