Digital Marketing: A Guide to Maximizing Your Reach


You will need to gear your digital marketing efforts towards maximizing your reach regardless of whether your goal is to increase brand awareness or encourage more website visits and conversions. The question is, how exactly do you go about doing this, especially if you are looking to market to an international audience? Here are some helpful guidelines to keep in mind. 

Expand on how and where you use your content

The content that you create is your most powerful resource when it comes to reaching a multitude of different audiences. There is no doubt that plenty of time, effort, and money goes into putting it together, so be sure to optimize how and where you use it. The good news is that most content can be transformed into a variety of different content types and posted or published on several different channels. 

For example, an interview with an influencer regarding their thoughts on your products can be both recorded as a video and transcribed. Its contents can be used to create several blogs, a white paper, and a few share-worthy social media posts. You could even extract audio files and turn them into a podcast. 

The bottom line is the more content that you have, and the more places in which you distribute it, the lower your content production cost and the higher your overall reach will be. 

Work on becoming an authority within your industry

When you solidify yourself or your brand as an authoritywithin your industry or niche, both consumers and search engines will begin to trust you more. But how can you stand out as an authority? You should:• Speak at various small venues or hold motivational or informative talks via Facebook or Instagram Live;• Create high quality guest posts for other respected websites;• Create plenty of content that is unique and engaging;• Collaborate with influencers and other experts;• Pop up everywhere both online and offline – basically, just be as involved as you can within your industry. 

Perfect your SEO 

The benefits of a comprehensive SEO strategy are obvious. When you have high rankings, you will logically generate a higher number of visits to your website and, as a result, reach a greater number of potential customers. 

Overcome the language hurdle 

Appealing to an international audience means connecting with its members authentically, and the only way to successfully do this is to speak to them in their own language. This may sound challenging, but it is achievable if you enlist the help of the correct experts. A digital marketing agency specializing in international SEO will be your best bet and help you to reach your goal of maximizing your reach both locally and further afield. 

Be as responsive as possible 

There is no point in reaching more people if your business is not properly equipped to engage with them in a timeous and personalized manner. Strive to be more responsive to emails, comments on your blogs, and all social media messages and engagements. It can help to diversify your customer service team or to invest in outsourcing your community managementto achieve these goals. 

Put the aforementioned advice into practice and you will reap the benefits of maximized reach and a much more attractive bottom line.

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