Here is The Telemedicine Smart Phone App to Sort Your Health Issues During This Lockdown


COVID-19 has brought many businesses to a standstill and even movements have been limited across the country. However, for your health needs, GOGP+ the telemedicine app is here to save you the hustle of walking to a hospital.

Technology is an enabler, it makes life easier, efficient and convenient. One of those enablers in the medical world is telemedicine.  Telemedicine involves the use of electronic communications and software to provide clinical services to patients remotely without making a physical visit to the hospital. GOGP+ is one of them.

“GOGP+ is a Telemedicine application which enables video to video chat remotely connecting those in need of medical assistance with qualified doctors, in a trusted, reliable and secure environment,” said Paul Mwebesa, Chief Operations Officer.

With this application, Patients and doctors can communicate via Video and Text chat, with the ability to upload documents and photos. The GoGP+ App also enables Doctors review historic consultations, prescriptions and lab tests to maintain consistency of the patient’s diagnosis and treatment. 

GoGP+’s mission is to provide Healthcare for the Masses, by providing accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person with a mobile phone.

The app is available in play store and app store, download the app Now from

GoGP+ bridges the geographic gap by linking patients to doctors at the comfort of the homes, without having to move distances to access a doctor.

In light of the Presidential Directive on a partial lockdown due to Coronavirus, this comes as a perfect way to reach your doctor.

The service can be accessed from home, refugee camps and other remote locations 24 hours a day.

The GoGP+ App will play a vital role in providing remote health care and combating the coronavirus. Patients who present with the COVID- 19 symptoms can access a doctor by video consultation wherein they will be advised on what to do. In addition, patients with other ailments will have fast video access to a doctor while avoiding the need to visit the hospital. They will therefore avoid the risk of interacting with people who are possibly infected as well as decongesting the hospitals to allow for the critical to be taken care of.