New Marketplace,, Launched in Uganda focusing on Home Delivery


A new online marketplace, has launched its website in Kampala, Uganda to facilitate trade of discounted products and services. will offer unlimited space to traders, farmers, entreprenuers, ICT developers, manufacturers and real estate dealers to sell a wide range of products in different categories including Agricultural Produce, Livestock, Poultry, Farm Inputs, Fashion and Beauty, Food and Beverages, Apartments, Gadgets, Gifts, Books and Art among others.

The website launch comes against the backdrop of the spread of Coronavirus which has led to closure of education and social facilities, grounding tens of thousands of people at their places of abode. will allow posting of products on the site to allow entrepreneurs and commercial businesses connect with potential buyers who are at home and workplaces.

“All one needs is to identify a product on the website, put in the cart and pay for it. We’ll then call them to make arrangements for swift delivery,” said Suubula Chief Executive Officer, Camble Hope. 

“Those who are stuck with goods in the gardens and stores should also advertise them on so that the site delivers these products to potential buyers,” he added. 

In the long run, will provide space for job seekers and employers to create employment opportunities for millions of people who are unable to find appropriate places of work.

Home Jobs 

The website will as well create “Home Jobs” especially those who are unable to find work or rent space at a commercial building but can use their skills to bake birthday cakes; produce table mats; prepare rollex, coffee or yoghurt etc from their homes.

“You’ll be able to list your product/skills under “Home Jobs” on at a free cost,’” said Camble Hope.

Camble said it’s high time “we tapped the potential of this market.”

“You no longer need ‘display space’ at a city mall for a gift shop if you can have your products viewed by millions of people on We are changing the way we do business by facilitating marketing of products and services and reaching out to millions of customers online. exists to support businesses sell products and skills in the local market and elsewhere in the world.”

Almost 4.54 billion people were active internet users as of January 2020.

Bulk trade will also facilitate trade in bulk commodities, allowing wholesalers obtain heavily discounted goods for local, regional and international markets.

Incorporated at Uganda Registration Bureau Services (URSB) in Kampala, will also allow existing businesses to list their shops, salons, bakeries, bars, restaurants, recreational facilities, gyms, real estate, etc on the website at an affordable fee.

The site, built by Ugandan ICT experts has a user-friendly payment platform and interface, allowing users easy navigation and location of their favourites products. is using Flutterwave, an internationally recognised and secure payment system for transactions; and the company commits to total security and privacy of customer data. Deliveries will be arranged on order.

In the next 18 months, will embark on an aggressive marketing campaign targeting an audience of 5 million people to enable listed businesses, skills and products are linked to domestic and foreign markets.

“While your chia seeds and fruits go bad in the granary or garden, a businessman in Dubai is struggling to obtain a reliable supplier of the same,” said Camble, emphasising, “Suubula will address this bottleneck by linking producers and potential buyers online.”

While foreign products such as accessories and gadgets will be sold on, the site will give priority to Ugandan products.

“Gone are the days when human survival hinged on the availability of jobs or cash to rent space to run a business. Gone are the days when entrepreneurs, ICT developers, mechanics, plumbers, masons and builders etc would spend weeks without a trace for opportunities. Suubula is here to transform lives by enabling your economic transformation through trade,” said Camble.

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“Trade with Your Neighbour”