SafariShare is Offering Ugandans a Great New Way to Travel And Make Friends at The Same Time


Now available on Google Play and coming soon to Apple Store, SafariShare is offering a chance to travelers to meet new people as they pay less to privately travel to their desired destination(s).

SafariShare as a platform is tailored for travelling individuals, keen on navigating through the demands of life safely and affordably. 

The idea of the app is to connect a person driving to passengers/people going to the same destination thus enabling the driver to make some extra money as well as make some new friends and connections as they travel together.

The app intelligently matches drivers to passengers taking the same route with a click of a button. All you have to do is enter your location and destination. Select your driver and book a seat.

With this kind of arrangement, you get to your destination without going to the park or through the congested city as you agree with the driver on where to link up before the journey.

According to SafariShare, ‘Take an example of a person travelling to Hoima but stays in Nansana. Such a person has to travel to the bus/taxi park in town first, before boarding a taxi/bus to Hoima which taxi/bus will pass through Nansana. With SafariShare, such costs both in terms of money and time can be eliminated by us matching you with a bonafide driver plying the same route so that you don’t have to waste time and money going to the park first but by matching you with a private car with an empty seat going to Hoima through Nansana.’

To make it even more interesting, it is cheap. It costs a flat rate per kilometre and an estimated cost of your journey will be displayed on your screen before the request for the trip is made. You also get to use any mode of payment (Cash, or Mobile Money).

Get travelling exclusively, and cheaply today with SafariShare.