The Growing Role And Importance Of Security In The Ever-Connected World Of Today


Security has and is always been the greatest concern in all aspects and arenas of life and business. Moreover, with the extensive use of technology and information over the internet, security seems to have become more fragile and vulnerable. Individuals and groups can get into systems remotely and can breach security easily.

  • They can make anything work according to their wish
  • Cause extensive damages and loss to life and property
  • Wipe away funds from banks and much more.

Given such a vulnerable situation, there is a need of absolute and foolproof security that cannot be breached and offered around the clock. It is a very difficult job because incidents can happen in seconds even if there is noting noticeable in a few months and even years.

Playing safe and cautiously will always pay rich dividends both in individual as well as in the general scale.

For example, if you are cautious about your income and expenses you will not have to worry about the safety and security of your family for the future. If you are not, you will have to find ways to get more money, often by taking up another job part-time or take the easy way out as most of the people do: take out one loan after the other. These are the people who find them very soon and eventually in a pool of debt struggling to make the monthly payments. Often, they are found looking up at for a proper debt relief option.

As for the general scale, the governments and organizations should keep their computer systems safe and secure from cyber attacks and hacking. This will prevent leaking of sensitive data and information from the systems that may cause incidents such as:

  • Unauthorized fund transfer
  • Credit card misuse and frauds
  • Terrorist attacks and even
  • Complete shutdown of government systems and machinery.

Therefore, security is something that cannot and should not be overlooked at any cost and at any time because consequences can be drastic.

Need for data security

In this digital business world, data seems to have taken the back seat. It also seems that it is more of the hacker’s ball now. This is because:

  • Data is of so high-value
  • It has a largevolume making it almost difficult to track a small pilferage and
  • Data is so vulnerable.

It is for these reasons that data is now more attractive to the hackers than ever before. It is seen now that cyberattacks especially on business assets are becoming ever more sophisticated and frequent.

In order to protect businesses from such threats, several businesses now use a mix of both old and new security measures that ensures a foolproof security strategy.

Ideally, modern security needs to be built into the different computer systems and processes.

  • This will enable better and safer digital transformation because every aspect of the security theory will be incorporated into the systems and applications.
  • It will also include all tried-and-true tactics as well as the new strategies that will respond well and truly to the ever-growing threats from the more creative hackers.

Moreover, a wide range of more sensitive and valuable information are now stored into the internal systems of then companies and these include:

  • Personal data
  • Prices
  • Product procedures and formulae.

All these, once again calls for special security arrangements. This will ensure that the information and data cannot be intercepted or fabricatedby any outsider or any unauthorized person and is available to the persons authorized to use only as and when it is required.

Protection to network perimeter

Apart from the security strategies specific for the individual systems its is also required to provide a very strong protection to the network perimeter. Tis is even more required as the digital companies are now realizing the fact that the mobile devices and Internet of Things or IoT devices are perpetually creating holes in the protective wall in which these connect to the Internet.

With that in mind, it is required that the security moves closer to the business apps. A few specific types of security strategies include:

  • Identifying and preventing attacks from within the apps
  • Protecting data with a comprehensive and foolproof strategy that covers the cloud, the mobile devices as well as the premise
  • Applying a 360-degree correlation analytics across the entire network, apps, endpoints,and data
  • Accelerating threat detection with forensic and real-time incident response in order to limit the impact of the threats if any and
  • Responding to those threats in the most adaptive manner with the help of deeplearning and super powered cybersecurity analytics.

A lot of insight is provided about the traditional security practices that the companies follow and pair with the best and new practices in order to reap the maximum benefits of digital transformation.

A few of the specific best practices that businesses now should incorporate into their security systems in order to make sure that their systems are secure include:

  • Ensuring that there is a consistent and regular process in place for the updates as well as the patches because it is the unpatched software that poses the maximum and most serious security risk for the businesses
  • Encrypting communications between the business systems and the SSL/TLS protocols along with the SNC protection
  • Checking the interfaces of the business systems in order to make sure that these are properly and adequately secured
  • Revisiting and checking data backup plans as well as the disaster recovery strategies to make sure these are fully functional and in proper shape and
  • Reviewing the entire security configurations of the business systems platform.

All these steps will ensure that not only the individual systems of the networks are safe and secure, but the entire network from A to Z is safe to use by any person who is authorized to do so.

Therefore, businesses must now focus more on cross-platform security applications and make the best use of the new technologies such as machinelearning algorithms or the IoT. It is also required that the companies remain vigilant to their security through these cross-functional teams.

By Isabella Rossellini


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