You can now shop from Instagram without leaving the app


Times are changing, you can now shop/checkout an item from Instagram from select brands like Nike, H&M and Adidas without being referred to a website nor leaving the app.

The new ‘Checkout’ app was announced by Instagram on Tuesday. Unfortunately, this is still in trial phase and not yet open to all retailers but only to a select few.

“The vision is to ultimately have checkout be available to any of the business on Instagram,” says Layla Amjadi, product manager on Instagram Shopping. “The whole goal here is to finally fulfill one of the biggest asks we’ve heard since the inception of Instagram Shopping,” she added.

Amjadi also says that consumers will need to use a pin number to finish checking out as an extra step of security, and also the retailers will only have access to the name and address of the shoppers in order to fulfill the orders. It’s up to consumers if they want to include loyalty program information and e-mail addresses.

“We will only share information that is absolutely necessary to get the product delivered to you,” Amjadi says.

Here’s to the new shopping age. Let’s get rolling.

Additional Info from AdAge