My first experience with Itel mobile phones stretches back to last December when I got for myself the uncommon Itel P51 phone as a Christmas gift from a friend, being a heavy user I was somehow disappointed with the specs and its performance which forced me to relentlessly serve it out. In the wake of last month when the news of a new brand of P series hit the market with the P32 model, well my face lit up with excitement since better things come in newer packages I immediately rushed and got myself a piece.

Luckily for me, itel P32 ticked off most of the boxes when it comes to a decent low budget phone requirements for this year. These include the secure fingerprint scanner, an 18:9 IPS Full-screen display, 5.5. Inch screen and a good battery life. Since some people might argue otherwise, let’s first have a look at some positives and what you may not like about this device.

Display and Design

Itel P32 has a sleek slim light design which ultimately fits at the palm of your hands with smooth round edges and perfectly attractive slender finish. What catches your eyes first is the 5.5 Inch screen and the full body hard plastic cover won’t easily slip from your hands when holding. The 18:9 aspect ratio allows you to view more content without necessarily getting a bigger screen-size phone.

Like most luxurious premium phones, P32 can be unlocked instantly and easily with the multi-functional fingerprint sensor. The arrangement of Power and Volume buttons at the right side of the phone makes it easy to control and those with smaller hands can comfortably carry the 5.5-inch screen phone without any hiccups.

The display is bright even at the lowest brightness level it still hit your eyes strongly especially at night but the industry adaptive settings feature makes the user experience more pleasing. Other great features incorporated to make life easy includes the lock screen clean up, App freeze, storage manager and power saving among others.


This generation has been blessed with many fancy things thanks to the advancement in technology and in the smartphone conversation, camera quality is one of the discussions you won’t escape when it comes to comparing phone specs and performances.

In this department, itel P32 brings forth an exceptional experience at an unrivalled price. Though it is not at par with the industry standard the colour depths and exposure makes a good showing of the photos. Both the front and back cameras shoot at 2560 * 1920 pixels with some cool emoji elements and filters tones( Black and White and Blue options among others). The white balance exposure isn’t that great and makes you focus for a long time to get a clear shot.

There are 2 rear cameras (5MP and one with a 0.3 MP sensor), the front-facing camera has a 5MP sensor with 85-degree wide angle and the selfie photos looks pretty impressive. I won’t be wrong to say the camera quality can satisfy your photo needs unless you’re a photogenic and needs more likes on your Instagram photos then you can throw in more money for a bigger budget phone.


This slender beauty of a phone is even a beast when you compare to high-end phones that cost a liver and an arm to buy. The phone has a huge 4000mAh battery which has comfortably taken me straight 72 hours plus on one charge, I last charged on Saturday night until today yet am constantly connected to the internet though with a little phone activity but the battery life is something to be proud of. While some competitors boast of similar such battery size, such longevity is one of the profound smartphone memories some of us will live to tell.

Itel P32 Performance

In the words of great Ned Stark, “he who passes the sentence should swing the sword”, we urge you to remember it P32 demands a respectable package given its puny price. The Quad core 1.3GHZ processor is backed up by 8GB Internal storage and 1GB RAM. What really makes the performance of this phone stands out from other low budget phones I have used is the optimised Android Go version of the Android 8.1 Oreo. Google has done a tremendous job with this copy of Android and it’s a game changer.

In case you are unfamiliar with it, this is Google’s operating systems that have been optimised to work with devices of low powered processors, a small amount of RAM and storage and it mobile has struck a partnership deal with Google to feature it in P32.  The Go edition is remarkable and I can confirm my Temple run test has gone smoothly without any drawback.

What to like

  • Brilliant 18:9 IPS display
  • Humongous 4000mAh Battery
  • Decent Front-facing camera with 85-degree wide angle
  • Optimized performance without phone hang up

What not to like

  • One Speaker for audio output
  • 3G only
  • Camera components won’t satisfy your photo needs
  • Low phone storage

In Conclusion….

Itel P32 houses a number of modern smartphone features like fingerprint and big battery under one roof at an affordable low price budget, however, it counterbalances with some low elements like camera quality. The phone will take for you a nice shot but please do not expect it to rival the big boys in the block.

The performance has been okay so far maybe it will depreciate with time but I don’t expect it to with Google’s Go edition OS anyway if you are student on a tight budget or a business owner supplying phones to your workers, this is one of the best phones in the market you can go with and won’t break a sweat over its unmatched style and performance.