How One Ukrainian Company Is Making the Future of Automotive Closer


Nowadays, automotive software niche and the whole automotive industry develops at an extremely fast pace at all levels.

Most of us already rely on complex navigation systems every time while driving. These systems help us get anywhere we need faster, avoiding traffic jams and planning the best route.

Electric cars gradually conquer the automotive market, making it more environmentally friendly, and they seem right what our planet needs to reduce pollution that has already reached dangerous levels in many parts of the world. All while, cars become smarter and more convenient in every sense and the software behind them becomes more and more complicated.

Driverless cars (not only electric but petrol as well) that seemed impossible just a few years ago have already arrived. Despite they still need certain human’s attention while on the road, new solutions are appearing and the day when the cars will do literally everything what drivers still do today is on the horizon.

One of the countries driving automotive innovation is Ukraine, where software development outsourcing is flourishing. Local tech companies are responsible for many innovative solutions that shape the future of connected and driverless cars today.

One of these Ukraine’s custom software development companies working in the automotive niche among other things is Award-winning (Best IT Employer by DOU, Inc 5000, and more) and one of the fastest-growing privately owned European companies, it deserves special attention among all numerous tech businesses here.

With over 16 years of experience, now Intellias houses software development team of over 1000 employees in Ukraine, where 3 Intellias development centers are situated. And its fourth office is situated in Germany because from the very beginning, the company paid special attention to the German-speaking market, DACH region, and its unique business culture.

The name Intellias is derived from “intelligent” — and this word describes the very essence of what the company’s founders dreamt to build at the start and the very essence of what this dream has eventually become.

In fact, Intellias is really an intelligent combination of reliability and freedom. “Big enough to scale, small enough to care” as the company describes itself, it is at the same time trustworthy, professional, and highly productive team, able to solve any customer’s problem, and flexible, transparent, flat organization that drives creativity.

All of this together with company’s well-developed engineering culture seems the perfect fit for the autonomous driving software industry.

The agile development team that includes higher ratio of Senior-level developers than the industry-average is led by technical top management with niche industry experience. Company’s current projects include Top Gear-approved “stress-free navigation software” along with a number of other navigation systems.

One of the most interesting areas the company works in now is car-to-car communication. The main purpose of this project is making driving safer than ever with the help of a system that transmits information about possible dangerous situations on the road between cars that drive nearby each other.

As everything may change in the blink of an eye and it may be just impossible for a driver to notice what happened in time, reducing human factor in the process of road situation analysis may be truly life-saving. In particular, this technology may solve the crucial problems of blind zones and limited visibility.

The other interesting project launched by Intellias with safety and saving lives in mind is Computer Vision lab. Its team develops object recognition technology that will be able to analyze both moving and motionless objects like other cars, people, road signs, and so on. In particular, the developers are interested in finding the best way to teach cars to analyze pedestrians’ behavior to reduce the number of road accidents even more.

The company works with big names in the automotive software market and the products they develop reach 2 billion users worldwide. We will be waiting for the next inspiring projects of its dedicated team to make the wonderful future of cars closer.