DusuPay review: The new profound payment gateway

With close to one year now on the Ugandan market and steadily rising, DusuPay is the freshest mode of payment transfer that simplifies secure online payments amongst individuals.



With the growing trend of digital, Ugandans will only be lost of choice and have no complaints whatsoever when it comes to online mode of payments. The latest in the loop that will excite Ugandans and will find warm reception is DusuPay a new online money transfer system. With close to one year now on the Ugandan market and steadily rising, DusuPay is the freshest mode of payment transfer that simplifies secure online payments amongst individuals.

Business-wise, the platform helps merchants locally, across Africa and the world by connecting traditional banking to regional mobile money services like MTN Mobile Money MPESA and Airtel Money. DusuPay also late last year made an addition of a credit card option – along with World Remit and MTN.

Even when you are away from home, DusuPay has got you covered thanks to their addition of Visa, MasterCard, Amex and American Express that have paved way for instant money transfers from credit cards to DusuPay accounts and vice versa which has enabled anyone from anywhere to send to and receive money in Africa at any time from wherever they maybe.

“We have integrated mobile money wallets in over 8 countries. online banking payments, direct debits from the European Union and United States and even regional payment options like China union pay, Boleta in Brazil and our user friendly platform PayWay in Uganda’ assures Kenneth the founder and CEO of DusuPay.

Essentially DusuPay are pushing towards online merchants all over africa never needing any other payment alternatives to process online transactions

Using DusuPay, businesses, merchants of individuals in Africa can accept payments from anyone all over the world, to their Mobile Money wallets or ready for withdrawal to their bank accounts without consulting an agent. By bypassing the agent, DusuPay eliminates a step in the chain of command – if you will – and makes it easier and faster for people to access their funds. Opening up an account with DusuPay is as easy as withdrawing money via the ATM. All you need is an active phone number that will be registered as an account


A sign showing a DusuPay merchant
A sign showing a DusuPay merchant

DusuPay offers a variety of products to its users that range from;DusuPay Here a product that deals with local businesses including restaurants, Boutiques, Saloons, Hotels and all these accept all cashless modes of payments right on the DusuPay website.

The other product is DusuPay merchant accounts that accept all cashless modes of payment on your website and of course powered by the DusuPay on a personal website. With all these amazing offers from DusuPay, one doesn’t have to haggle walking to tellers or agents to have their transactions completed, DusuPay got you covered.

Adding Icing to the cake, DusuPay also makes it possible for one to transact even when they are offline making that a tick in our hard-earning MBs economy. Regardless of the fact that the payment platform focuses on connecting traditional banking to online and electronic payments, it also has a provision that offers offline alternatives.

Interface of a DusuPay form
Interface of a DusuPay form

In case you don’t a valid bank account and you are only a mere mobile money subscriber, the good news from DusuPay is that you can still access your funds without signing up for an account by buying a cash voucher from an agent and entering the scratch code along with the phone number into the DusuPay interface. Do this and a guarantee of your money is assured.

With DusuPay, you can as well retrieve your money to pay for any services such as top up your phone, buy internet data or pay utility bills. This means, for example Ugandans with dual residency could easily pay their utility bills even while out of the country, which immensely increases both convenience and efficiency.

Talk about Security

The DusuPay website is hosted by Microsoft’s one of the most expensive and secure servers in the world; Azure and it has an https which makes it hard to be hacked hence making users money secure and safe while carrying out transactions.