LG teases the G5’s ‘Always On’ display


Besides setting the same launch date as Samsung for it’s next flagship phone, LG has posted a GIF on Twitter which teases an ‘always on’ display. This means that the LG G5 will literally have a screen which is literally always on.

LG experimented the ‘always on’ display feature on the secondary small display strip that came with the LG V10. The concept makes use of OLED technology which enables the screen to only light up the pixels of the content not the entire screen. I am however concerned with the battery life of this new device but we shall have to wait until it’s unveiled on February 21st.

The LG G5 may not be the only device with an always on display because Samsung has already trademarked  trademarked the term “Always on Display” for the Galaxy S7, which may have an ambient screen.