Why you shouldn’t miss the Social Media Summit 2015


The second annual Social Media Summit takes place on the 3rd December, 2015 at the Golf Course Hotel. It draws participants and speakers from all over the region, with the goal of moulding Ugandan social media practices to build businesses. Collins Asiimwe, one of the Key organisers pictures a Uganda where social media is used for more than just selfies and rants. For that reason  #SMSUg15 has an array of experienced minds all across the board intent on helping Uganda realise the potential in this sector. The list of facilitators includes Amos Wekesa, Bernard Olupot, and Jovago.com P.R. Manager for Uganda & Rwanda, Ms. Lisa Omwandho who will give their insights into social media and travel. Here are a few reasons you should attend this event.

    1. Learn to identify social media trends. Social media is fleeting and if you are not on your toes, by the time you drag your feet to catch up, it’ll be over. It’s important to be able to identify trends that are catchy and have potential to drive up traffic to your site/social media.
    2. Find out how to align your social media with business and growth goals. When you do this, everything you do online helps to magnify your brand.
    3. Figure out how to manage multiple campaigns across multiple platforms. Each social site is different and you need to tailor your approach to them to realise any benefits.
    4. Get the chance to connect and network with social media agencies. Whether you plan to employ their services or just need some advice on how to run your sites, face time with these professionals is extremely valuable!
    5. Finally you get to experience successful cross media brand integration. Get inspired by their successes and learn from their failures all in one day.