OnePlus will unveil the One Plus X phone on October 29th


One Plus will not settle with one device this year following the launch of the One Plus Two which got made bloggers and tweeps whining over the flagship’s lack of NFC support. One Plus has published a blog post with an announcement of the launch event on the 24th of October.

The announcement shows an “X” branding on the invites to the event which will take place in London and OnePlus is definitely live stream the event basing on their previous VR launch of the One Plus Two.

The Rumours of the One Plus X are rather disappointing, basing on leaked screenshots, and mediocre specs such as a 1.9Ghz processor and a not so exciting body build that will house the 5.5 display. We will have to wait for the launch date to confirm these rumours and hope that OnePlus doesn’t “settle” this time round