Hellofood Uganda Expands Operations to Entebbe

You can now order food online in Entebbe


Hellofood, the world’s leading online food delivery marketplace, has expanded its operations to Entebbe municipal council. This move is great for Entebbe restaurants, because now they can grow their delivery business by tapping into the growing e-commerce and internet penetration. Many restaurants worldwide have not even scratched the surface of the potential of their delivery part of their business.

Ron Kawamara, Managing Director HelloFood Uganda, said, “This move to Entebbe is a big milestone for Hellofood Uganda because it is our first expansion since launching in Kampala, and it is also great for the customers and food lovers in Entebbe because they can now order food online from restaurants across Entebbe from the convenience of their homes or offices, plus be able to pay the same price they would at the restaurant.”

The expansion to Entebbe has not been an easy one, getting restaurants on board that have never heard of Hellofood is a challenge. Setting up delivery operations is difficult and building the right platform to serve Entebbe is expensive. But thanks to a dedicated and talented Hellofood team we have managed to launch here in a short period, added Ron.

Kayanja Vincent De paul, Mayor Entebbe Municipal Council, said, “Entebbe’s food gap or missing link has been a company like Hellofood, to provide better service delivery of food and that Hellofood is going to create comfort and quality in the new generation of service delivery and he also thanked Hellofood for creating employment for the Entebbe people.”

For those that would like to take advantage of this New expansion, or to see what else HelloFood has to offer, orders can be placed online at www.hellofood.ug  or through the app, which is available for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone devices.