WhatsApp messaging is becoming more and more famous on a daily basis. Teenagers love WhatsApp messaging and they communicate with their friends through the WhatsApp messenger. This habit of children tends to get irritating for parents as they see their children do nothing else other than chatting to their friends through the WhatsApp messenger. With the help of a WhatsApp mobile spy app, parents can control the excessive usage of a WhatsApp messenger by their children.

A popular app:
With the popularity of a WhatsApp messenger, it is becoming extremely difficult to know what your kids communicate amongst themselves. This is because all ordinary spy apps do provide parents with all the SMS messages records of their children but fail to provide them with any of their WhatsApp communications. On top of that this spy app runs absolutely quietly inside your child’s cell phone and does not let anyone know about it.

Tried and tested:
The tried and tested smartphones to be used with Xnspy are all the latest Android and iPhone smartphones. Android phones from Samsung, Motorola, Lenovo, LG, Sony, Huawei, hTC, Acer, Dell and other companies having OS 2.3 or above are fully compatible with Xnspy. Even all iPhone models up to iPhone 6 Plus are fully compatible with this spy app.

WhatsApp spying:
A WhatsApp messenger is used to communicate with your friends through text messages. You can even send and received pictures, audio files and video files to anyone you want to through your WhatsApp messenger. Xnspy provides parents with all the text messages, pictures, audio files and video files shared by your child through their WhatsApp messenger.

Call logs and record surroundings:
Parents are shown complete records of every single call dialed, missed and receive by their child on their mobile phone. Another facility provided to parents is that they get to record all the sounds that are in the surroundings of their child’s cell phone whenever they want to, with the help of the ‘Record surroundings’ feature of Xnspy.

A reasonable offer:
A few people would be concerned that an added feature of Xnspy is that it provides you with all the WhatsApp messenger chats of your child, so it is bound to be expensive. Well this is not at all true. This WhatsApp mobile spy app offers its users with all its services for a price as reasonable as $8.33 a month.


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