Apple Music in Uganda will cost $4.99 per month


Uganda is one of the 100 countries where Apple Music will be globally available following its launch on 30th June. The music streaming service is available globally and its pricing is different depending on the country you are signing up from.

Subscriber to Apple Music in Uganda will pay $4.99 per month (about 16541.85 Ugx) for individual plans and $7.99 (about 26486.85 Ugx) for family plans. Remember Apple is giving a three month trial of Apple Music and users will be billed after the trial ends.

Apple Music and Beats 1 radio require users in Uganda to sign in with an Apple ID and you must have a payment option on the service which means you must link you Apple ID to VISA or Mastercard to use the service which is a huge setback for those whose banks do not allow online VISA transactions in Uganda which is still a major setback for users in Uganda.

Its good to know that Apple Music is cheaper than Spotify which requires me to pretend I live in a developed nation and pay to stop the app from auto logging out due to location when I don’t pay for premium.

he only disadvantage is that most smartphones in Uganda are running Android which means users are currently restricted to using iTunes on PCs and Macs and iPads and iPhones running iOS 8.4. But keep calm because Apple is promising to release and Android app later on this year (fall).

You will need to update your iTunes version and iOS version to at least 8.4 to use Apple Music.